We all know how hot and humid the summers in Cleveland can get. And we also all know that each person has a different preference on how they want to escape that type of heat. While you may prefer to come home from work in the middle of July and still snuggle under a blanket in a frigid home, Grandma might not share the same opinion. If you’ve found yourself wondering what exactly is the right temperature to keep your Cleveland home throughout the summer months, you’ll be happy to know that there is a sort of science behind the answer! The best part? The professional technicians at Stack Heating, Cooling & Electric are here to walk you through it all on today’s blog.

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The Three Magic Thermostat Settings for your Cleveland Home

When thinking about your thermostat settings, there are three situations that are the most important to consider. They go as follows:

When You’re Just Hanging Out

Home all day on the weekends? Dedicated to binging that new show? Cooking for family? If the majority of your day is spent in your home, then the sweet thermostat spot you’re going to want to hit is 78 degrees. We know. 78 degrees? Sometimes that’s the same temperature as it is outside, on a good day in Ohio! However, we promise there’s a method to this maybe-madness.

The U.S. Department of Energy advises that you keep your home as close to the outdoor temperature as possible because it will drop your overall cooling bills astronomically. If this seems like too much of a daunting task, you can adjust the temperature of your home slowly. By raising the temperature by one degree every day, your body will soon acclimate to the new “home temperature,” and when you return from work, you’ll still feel like you’re walking into a cooling, refreshing space.

When You Leave for Over Four Hours

You may want to get into the habit of turning up the heat whenever you’re putting on your nice clothes to go out. We recommend increasing your home temperature by 10 degrees when you go out, so to 88 degrees or higher. For every degree above 78, you can cut up to 8% off of your monthly energy bill. That seems worth it to us!

Having a higher interior temperature can actually decrease the natural flow of hot air into your home. That way, it won’t take as long to cool back down once you come back home. A great way to avoid constantly fussing with the thermostat whenever you come home is to get a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats let you schedule the rise and fall of your Cleveland home’s temperature. That way, you can go out, explore all you want, save money, and still come back to a comfortable home.

When You’re Going to Bed

During summer nights, your air conditioner gets a well-deserved break at the same time you do. Outside temperatures are naturally lower at night and the sun is down. Because of this, there’s no added effect of radiant heating, or heat caused directly by beams of light from the sun.

Because of this, feel free to lower the AC to between 65 and 72 degrees. Your AC unit should be able to pump out this air just fine since it’s not overworking itself while trying to combat the sun. Sleep with wooly pajamas and fuzzy blankets if you want—we won’t stop you!

Keep Your Cleveland Home Cool All Summer Long

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