What is AC Maintenance?

An air conditioner, or AC unit, is a system built to cool the air in a home. For your AC system to properly work, you have to regularly take measures to maintain it. AC maintenance is the process of inspecting, cleaning, repairing and replacing parts in the unit. A maintenance check looks at the air conditioner’s filters, coils, fins, drains, etc. 

Regular maintenance acts as a preventative measure to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently and has a long life. Stack experts suggest scheduling an inspection check once a year.

Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance

The typical air conditioner can last 10-15 years with the proper maintenance. Routinely inspecting and maintaining your AC can help your unit last longer. There are four signs that may require a maintenance check for your unit; strange smells, lack of cool air, puddles of water, and loud noises. 

A strange smell emitting from your air conditioner could indicate a simple dust buildup or something more serious like an electrical problem. Lack of cool air can be caused by an internal structural issue. If you find puddles of water under your unit, it can be a result of damaged drains in the unit. Finally, hearing a louder noise from your AC could indicate old age or some other internal problem. 

What Time of Year Should I Schedule AC Maintenance?

In an area like Ohio, which experiences all four seasons, the typical homeowner only turns on their AC during the summer months. The rest of the year the air conditioner is typically off, building up dust. Our experts at Stack recommend scheduling an AC maintenance check every spring. Spring is the precursor to summer, which is when most people run their AC the most. A spring cleaning will ensure your air conditioner is efficiently and effectively running during those hot summer days.

How Much Does a Maintenance Check Cost?

The average cost of an air conditioner inspection ranges from $100 to $200 dollars depending on the system and any problems it may be experiencing. Additional costs may arise if an extensive repair or replacement is required. 

You can cut costs by knowing when to call a professional for maintenance, and when you can do the maintenance yourself. By regularly cleaning your AC unit you can prevent additional damages to your system and thus lower costs during the inspection. 

Air Conditioner Unit next to gray brick wall of house

Is It Worth It?

You’re probably wondering now, “Is this yearly expense worth the cost?” Let’s break down the benefits of yearly air conditioner maintenance.

Better Air Quality

A routine cleaning of your AC system will help preserve greater air quality. An unit that is built up with dust and debris can emit harmful allergens and toxins into your home. Ensuring that your AC is clean will help you and your family breathe better. 


An air conditioner that is improperly running may not only spew out warm air, but also may use up a ton of energy and electricity. It can be very annoying to come home after a long day in the sun to a house that takes forever to cool down due to an AC system inefficiently running. Yearly maintenance checks will allow you to enjoy the cool air in your home on those hot summer days. Additionally, routine maintenance will prolong the life of your AC unit. 

Save Money

Repairing and replacing an air conditioner is a very costly expense. Preventative measures such as an annual AC inspection will help you save money. Maintenance checks allow professionals to catch an issue before it becomes a bigger problem; in turn, you will make fewer service calls and spend less. As previously mentioned, an air conditioner that runs efficiently eats up less energy and electricity, lowering your monthly bill expenses. 

So, is it worth it? We think it is.

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