An air conditioner is designed to cool warm air to make your home space comfortable. Your unit needs to be maintained regularly in order to perform at an optimal efficiency rate. It is important to inspect your system monthly for any problems and to have a reputable HVAC service professional perform an annual maintenance review of your system. By taking good care of your air conditioner you will save energy and money as well as prolong the life of your unit.

One of the most important parts of your air conditioner that requires regular care is the air filter. The filters on central air conditioners are typically positioned on the return duct. The filters in room air conditioners are located on the inside grill.

  • The type of air filter your system uses will be determined by the air conditioning unit you have in your home.
  • Some units use disposable air filters that can be replaced.
  • Other systems use quality HEPA air filters that require a thorough cleaning when they become dirty.
  • Clogged air filters will eventually cause your system to perform poorly and lead to an inefficient use of energy.
  • The air will not be able to flow through the system properly and any dirt particles will begin to collect on the evaporator coil.
  • This will lead to a reduction in the capacity to absorb heat and an increase in utility costs.

Air conditioning filters earn a rating between 1 and 20 for efficiency.  A low rating is given to common replaceable filters made from paper or fiberglass. HEPA filters are able to remove smoke and microscopic particles and earn a medium to high rating. These filters generally need to be cleaned rather than replaced. It is important to wash them according to the manufacturer guidelines. Be sure you know which type of filter your system uses.

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