For many homeowners here in northeast Ohio, ductless mini splits are the logical choice for heating and cooling, especially for parts of the home (like a new addition) that have no duct work.

Like standard air-source heat pumps, ductless mini splits have the same two basic components as traditional central air conditioners: an outdoor compressor and condenser connected to an air handler inside the home. Instead of a duct system, these components are connected by a conduit, with a power cable, tubing for refrigerant, along with a condensate drain.

These systems are quite flexible and many can cool up to eight sections of the home, using up to 8 indoor units connected to one outside. They’re comparatively economical to install and operate. You have the option of locating the components up to 50 feet apart. Indoor air handlers can be floor-standing or installed in ceilings or walls, often with much less work required than a standard, ducted cooling system.

In a traditional A/C system, up to 30 percent of warm or cool air traveling through ducts can be lost before it ever gets where it’s supposed to go. With no ducts, there can be no leaks.

The biggest disadvantage to using a mini-split is the upfront cost. You will pay more for the system initially, but homeowners are often surprised by how quickly the utility savings can help them recoup the cost of the purchase.

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