Air conditioners are built to last, so it may feel a bit perplexing whenever you encounter an A/C issue. If you’re experiencing some sort of maintenance issue with your air conditioning unit, then simply remember that common A/C problems always have a solution.

If you notice any sort of anomaly with your unit, it’s important to check it out immediately. If you’re unsure of the problem or what to do with it, contact a trusted HVAC professional. For example, if certain parts of the air conditioner become dirty such as the filters or air conditioning coils, the whole unit itself won’t work properly. It’s best to get it cleaned by a professional service.

One of the common A/C problems is when a unit becomes low on refrigerant. Refrigerant is simply the chemical that air conditioners or refrigerators use to lower the temperature of the air. If the refrigerant in your air conditioner is low, this either means there’s a leak or that it wasn’t installed properly. Again, seek a professional opinion to find the root of the problem, but only a trained technician should tackle the issue.

Air conditioners are prone to electrical problems with the compressor or fan control, especially when the unit’s turned off and on repeatedly. It’s best to avoid doing so to keep your unit in good electrical condition.

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