When hot air and moisture is allowed to get into your attic, it forces your air system to work harder and longer than should be required. The extra wear and tear this creates increases the odds of your air system breaking down and will create a spike in your utility bills. Attic sealing can be a huge step in increasing the efficiency and comfort you enjoy in your Cleveland area home.

Attic sealing keeps moisture from accumulating in your attic. This is particularly important because mold can quickly grow and proliferate in damp dark areas. If allowed to spread unchecked, it can cause major property damage. If it gets airborne and circulates throughout your home’s air, it can cause severe respiratory problems for you and your family. These attic sealing strategies will help you avoid all of these problems.

Weatherproof your roof

Older roofs will begin to deteriorate, allowing rainwater to seep in. Various types of weatherproofing, such as flashing made from sheet metal, will help you fill holes and prevent leaks from occurring.

Seal air holes in your attic

Plug gaps where air may be able to leak from your attic into your home.  Common areas to look for such gaps are around ductwork, wiring, plumbing, lighting fixtures and attic entry ways.

Increase Ventilation

Allowing air to flow in and out of your attic reduces heat and moisture buildup. Replacing soffit covers with ridged vents will allow air to flow through without letting in water.

Add Insulation In Your Attic

Use this map to determine how much insulation you should have in your Northeast Ohio household. Insulation helps prevent heat from transferring in and out of your attic, stabilizing the temperature of your home.

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