Saving money this summer on energy bills and making sure your air conditioner runs reliably means doing some prep work in the spring, including scheduling an air conditioner tune-up. For greater protection for your Cleveland area home, sign up for a cost-effective preventive maintenance agreement with your local HVAC contractor for priority service and peace of mind.

Between your annual maintenance visits, there are a couple of tasks you can perform to help with the air conditioner tune-up:

  • Replace your air filter regularly. Cut power to your system first, otherwise the fan may begin blowing dust through the house. Check the filter monthly and change it whenever it looks dirty. This will not only improve your home’s indoor air quality, but this simple task can also protect your cooling equipment from harmful dirt buildup.
  • Clean the outdoor unit. Wash the condensing unit with your garden hose now and then. Clear away lawn cuttings, leaves and other nearby debris to prevent it from blocking airflow.

Your thorough and well-trained HVAC technician should:

  • Measure refrigerant pressure and test for leakage, properly disposing of any refrigerant that must be removed
  • Inspect ductwork and recommend sealing if necessary
  • Verify proper airflow through the evaporator
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Test electric controls, ensuring that the heating system and cooling modes cannot engage concurrently
  • Inspect electrical terminals, cleaning and tightening connections and applying non-conductive coating as needed
  • Examine belts, replacing those that are worn
  • Inspect and oil motors

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