Could a Zoning System Add Comfort to Your Home?A central HVAC system makes heating and cooling your home a simple task, since only one thermostat controls your entire home’s temperature. However, this may not be the most efficient design for your living space. An HVAC zoning system can cut down on wasted energy by giving you control over what rooms are heated, as well as when you want them heated.

Some homeowners try to control room-by-room heating and cooling by closing vents in unused rooms, but this changes the pressure in the ductwork and can lead to HVAC system strain. Home zoning systems feature specialized dampers to manage airflow that can selectively heat and cool different zones in your home.

Home zoning systems are especially useful in homes with certain features. For example, rooms with high cathedral ceilings have different heating and cooling needs than neighboring rooms, as warm air rises and gathers in the greater vertical space. Sunrooms and rooms with a lot of windows can be more difficult to keep cool during the summer; and, depending on how well the windows are sealed and insulated, difficult to keep warm during the winter. Furthermore, you may have a guest bedroom or storage room that doesn’t need to be air conditioned for most of the year.

Because a home zoning system can fit your actual energy needs, instead of keeping your entire home at one temperature, you’ll be able to shave down energy costs. And with heating and cooling adding up to about half of your energy bill, on average, that can be a big benefit to energy-conscious homeowners.

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