Without a zoning system, most HVAC units are limited in the amount of comfort they can provide. That’s because homes generally have one thermostat to manage the environment of the entire house, and single thermostats can only assess the temperature in its immediate vicinity. Zoning systems solve this problem and deliver comfort, whether you desire one overall temperature throughout the home or several temperatures.

How Zoning Systems Work

The main advantage to using a zoning system is that you can retrofit your home for maximum comfort, without the expense of redesigning ductwork to do so. The home is divided into zones and dampers are installed in the ductwork, with each damper responding to a thermostat. Once a specific zone reaches the thermostat’s pre-set temperature, the damper closes to that area to stop the delivery of conditioned air into that space. As a result, you save energy, because you’re not heating a space that’s already comfortable, and you maximize home comfort.

Problems That Zoning Systems Can Overcome

  • Design: For some homes, comfort is less than ideal because of certain design features, like rooms with cathedral ceilings, which require more heat to warm up the space, or homes with multiple levels, where the first floor will heat up quicker than the second floor. Separate spaces with unique design factors, and the zoning system can deliver just the right amount of conditioned air to each one.
  • Individualized comfort: Often home occupants will require different levels of heating to stay comfortable. You can use a zoning system to allow some flexibility in where to set home temperatures, so that each person is comfortable.
  • Energy savings: Instead of wasting energy when your heating system delivers the same amount of air throughout the home, a zoning system responds to each zone’s unique needs, so you’ll maximize energy savings.

Use zoning systems to manage your home comfort, overcome design problems, and stop thermostat wars in your home.

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