With all of the consistent updates required to keep up with a home, it can be easy to forget about the appliance that keeps your house cool and habitable in the uncomfortable summer heat. It can be frustrating to have such an expensive and essential piece of equipment give out when you need it most, but a proactive approach to servicing your AC can help prevent headaches and costly updates down the road. Here we’ll discuss the steps you can take today to ensure your AC is running smoothly and the signs that might be telling you to seek professional guidance. 

When Is The Best Time of Year?

It’s highly recommended that your AC is professionally serviced once a year. Preferably, air conditioning maintenance should take place in the spring to prepare your unit for the onset of summer, when it will work the hardest.

Although professional assistance is important, occasional house-keeping will keep your AC up and running year-round. Could your AC benefit from DIY care, or is it time to get a professional involved? Read on to learn more!

How to Service Your AC Between Professional Appointments

Professional services are vital to your AC’s well-being and your sanity in the hot summer months. However, a lot can happen between yearly servicing appointments. Here are some tips that will keep your unit in tip-top shape.

Weekly Spring Cleaning

If your AC unit is outside, it is vital to keep it free of leaves, dirt, pollen, and other debris that could clog vents and slow your system. Checking your unit weekly will help increase its efficiency and lifespan.

Adequate Clearance

Make sure that your AC unit has at least 1-2 feet of space to give it room to function correctly and efficiently. Always check manufacturer guidelines for specified clearance recommendations.


Over time, the effects of weathering and UV radiation can erode external HVAC insulation.  Insulation is a key component of your unit because without it, the unit must expend more energy to maintain the desired temperature. It’s essential to inspect your unit’s insulation for poor installation or visible wear. If it appears your AC could benefit from new insulation, there are several low-cost material options, including rubber and polyethylene foam.

Filter Updates 

Filters reduce the number of microorganisms and contaminants that threaten your health and your AC’s longevity. Disposable AC filters should be replaced about every 1-3 months to enhance your home’s air quality and protect your unit. To get the best performance from your filter, check the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating. It is recommended that your filter has a MERV rating of 9-12 to extract most pollutants down to one micron in size from household air.

Don’t Forget Your Fans

Although it might sound redundant or a waste of energy to run your AC and fans simultaneously, utilizing this strategy has the opportunity to expand the lifespan of your equipment and reduce costly summer energy bills. Fans work in tandem with ACs by circulating cool air throughout your house. Turning on fans in the hot summer months can prevent you from needing to set your AC to an unnecessarily low temperature. 

Unbend the Coils

Coils on exterior ACs have aluminum fins that dissipate heat inside the unit. When they bend, they slow the outward flow of warm air to the environment, reducing the machine’s efficiency. To straighten these fins yourself, carefully use a coil fin comb while wearing gloves.

When to Alert a Professional

Is there a pesky issue with your AC unit that you can’t quite get a handle on or does it need to be replaced? Perhaps your unit is blasting hot air, there’s a consistent unpleasant odor, or you hear a peculiar noise that’s keeping you up at night. Even if it’s not time for your yearly AC maintenance check-up, don’t delay if you have serious concerns regarding your unit’s well-being. Postponing service could result in an even costlier maintenance appointment and may hinder you from having a cool retreat from the balmy weather. Also, keep in mind that your furnace will come in handy just a few months later. If you think your furnace needs professional attention, you can streamline the process and schedule an appointment along with your AC tune-up.

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