Winterize Pipes Now Before Temperatures Drop and Freezing Becomes a ConcernWinters in Ohio can be frigid. One of the most problematic tasks is keeping pipes from freezing and bursting during the long winters. Winterize pipes now so you can avoid the mess and expense as the temperatures drop. Taking the following precautions will help keep your pipes from freezing.

Insulate exposed pipes

Any pipes that are in a basically unheated area should be wrapped in electrical heating tape and then insulated with foam jackets made for pipes. This is especially important for any pipes along outside walls.

Unhook and drain hose faucets

Unhook any hoses from outdoor faucets and shut off the water servicing those faucets. Turn on the faucet briefly to drain any water that remains inside. If possible, these faucets can also be insulated.

Let water trickle

When the temperature starts to drop, turn on the inside faucets so that a very thin trickle of water is running at all times. The constant flow will help keep the pipes from freezing.

Inside temperature

As you winterize pipes, consider leaving the indoor temperature at no lower than fifty-five degrees at any time. Open any cupboards, such as under sinks, to allow the warmer air to reach those hidden pipes.

Empty house

If the house is going to be empty for the winter, consider shutting off the water supply completely and making sure all the pipes are drained. This will prevent the water from turning to ice and expanding to burst the pipes.

Water heaters

Insulate your water heater and keep the air in that area at at least fifty-five degrees, or at least block any wind that could cause the temperature to drop.

Keep drainage areas unblocked

Snow and ice can block the drainage of water and sewage, causing it to freeze. Consider covering the area with some type of shelter to block snow from settling in this area.

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