Heating your family’s water follows cooling and heating your home as the major energy expenses you encounter. However, these seven water heating tips can help you save some of those costs without any sacrifice on your part. 

  1. Insulate your tank if it feels warm to the touch. Standby losses occur when the heat from the water travels outside the tank. Home improvement stores sell water heater blankets that are easy to install, especially if your heater is electric. You may want to ask a plumber to help you with a gas water heater, since they require proper venting for combustion.
  2. Turn the tank down to 120 degrees F. Lowering the temperature from 140 degrees will save energy and also reduce the risk of scalding. If you insulate the tank, it’s especially important to lower the temperature to keep the wiring cooler. Use the heat-assist setting for your dishwasher if that option is available. It costs far less to use the heating coil for the few gallons a dishwasher uses than your entire water tank.
  3. Use hot water to wash your laundry sparingly. Warm or cold water is easier on your clothes. If you need to disinfect, use natural, safe products like hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to kill bacteria.
  4. Fix the leaking hot water faucets. Of all the water heating tips, this one conserves a valuable natural resource and stops needless wasted energy, which contributes to global warming.
  5. Switch your shower heads with low flow units. The newest products on the market use much less water. Look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense label or Energy Star when you’re searching for replacements. Both of these labels indicate that fixtures and appliances use much less water.
  6. Add insulation to the incoming and outgoing water pipes. The Department of Energy recommends wrapping both for at least six feet.
  7. Drain a quart or two from the water heater every few months. Water sediments at the tank’s bottom slow the heating process.

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