Helpful Tips for Dealing with a Pressuring SalespersonA trustworthy HVAC salesperson should aim to provide you with the information you need to stay comfortable affordably in the greater Cleveland area’s variable continental climate. A few less scrupulous ones try to pressure their clients into spending unnecessarily, but you don’t have to feel intimidated by them.

Take Control

While just saying “No, thank you” might be a good tactic when you’re sure you don’t want to buy anything, other times you’ll have to direct the conversation to get what you need. For instance, if the salesperson tries to sell you a furnace replacement when you want to discuss air sealing services, explain that you’ll let them know later if you have any questions about your furnace.

Don’t accept a vague description of what a product or service can do. Ask questions about the specifics, such as exactly how a certain furnace or air conditioner feature could save you money. Avoid getting drawn into a chat about personal issues. Some salespeople attempt to befriend you only so you’ll let your guard down.

Take Your Time

Never commit to buy the first time a product or service is recommended to you. Research the benefits and drawbacks by gathering information from several different sources. This is particularly important with peripheral equipment such as air cleaners and humidifiers. Dishonest sales people may exaggerate the benefits of these devices or push them where they aren’t truly needed.

Don’t be satisfied with verbal promises. Get everything in writing before you buy and thoroughly read all documents before you sign them. Don’t rely on the salesperson’s explanation or allow yourself to be rushed. Take the documents somewhere quiet where you can review them without pressure.

If the HVAC salesperson just won’t let up, a polite but firm excuse can help. Tell the salesperson you never buy without taking time to consider it, that you need to discuss the purchase with your partner, or that you’re just gathering information and aren’t ready to buy.

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