You might think hiring an HVAC contractor is as simple as choosing a number out of the phone book, but someone inexperienced could overlook important maintenance issues or damage your system. Follow these nine tips for the best outcome when hiring an HVAC contractor:

  1. Do your homework
    Learn about licensing and insurance requirements when hiring an HVAC contractor. Find out the model of your current system and its maintenance history. List problems you have experienced and note issues such as rooms you struggle to keep up to temperature or problems with humidity, mold and mildew.
  • Recommendations
    Ask around and find out which contractors those you know prefer. Check with industry trade groups in your area and ask for member information.
  • References
    Ask for references to verify exemplary work before hiring an HVAC contractor.
  • Incentives
    Buying a heating and cooling system is a large purchase. Check into what units qualify for tax incentives due to energy efficiency, such as Energy Star systems. Ask your contractor if any manufacturers are offering rebates.
  • Go green through efficiency.
    Seek out Energy Star products. These energy-efficient systems reduce energy consumption as well as your electric bill. Ask your contractor how much they could save you.
  • Assess the situation.
    Have your home and needs evaluated by a licensed, certified contractor to select the system that best fits your needs and budget. Factors taken into account include home size, insulation and windows. Ductwork and airflow should also be inspected.
  • Get a ballpark figure.
    Get itemized estimates including system and installation cost, energy efficiency and warranty.
  • Get it on paper.
    Have the above proposal itemized and signed when hiring an HVAC contractor and agree on a time table.
  • Spread the word.
    Tell your friends about Energy Star savings and efficiency and make the world and your friends’ pockets a little greener.

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