If you’re not a contractor, HVAC-related issues can be pretty boring, but exciting or not, it’s something homeowners will always have to deal with. And one of the many more-necessary-than-fun tasks is heat pump maintenance. You probably never even think of yours until the heater’s not working, but a dirty or poorly running heat pump can use 10 to 25 percent more energy than a well-maintained unit.

Luckily there are tips that can help you keep your heat pump in tip-top condition.

  • Clean or change your air filters monthly or in accordance with the owner’s manual. Dirty filters block airflow, which can damage your compressor as well as reduce overall system performance.
  • Clean your outdoor coils too, and on occasion, turn the fan off and clean that as well. Also remove any clutter, vegetation or other obstructions to the outdoor unit.
  • Clean your supply and return registers and straighten out the fins if they’re bent.

In addition, there are some maintenance tasks you should have a technician do annually.

  • Inspect your ducts, blower, indoor coil and filters for dirt or blockage.
  • Locate and repair duct leaks.
  • Check for leaks in your refrigerant and measure and verify the refrigerant charge.
  • Inspect electric terminals and belts and lubricate motors.
  • Verify accurate electric control and ensure that thermostats are working properly.

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