Now that the worst of summer’s heat is over, it’s time to downsize your energy consumption for the school year ahead. When the kids were home and temperatures were  high, your energy and water bills inevitably increased. But when they go back to using school resources forty hours a week — and the outdoor air is bearable — you should use the opportunity to make some eco-friendly changes around your household. Borrow some of these back-to-school energy-saving tips for a greener, more affordable 2014-2015 school year. 

Make Greener Choices

You rely on renewable resources with some impressive new heating and cooling options, such as geothermal HVAC systems and solar heaters. When you derive your electricity from the sun and heat your water with energy from the earth itself, your utility bills will plummet alongside your carbon footprint. Take your green transformation a step further and invest in retro-fits, such as a pump that supplies your toilet with collected rainwater and groundwater.

Get Your Home Evaluated

Nearly invisible problems can cause unnecessary hikes in your electricity bill. Schedule a professional energy evaluation to expose these. Many contractors use a blower door test, in which they vacuum all the air from your home, then detect temperature and pressure changes with thermographic equipment. As a result, you may discover you need to re-seal ducts, add insulation in your attic, or re-caulk window frames. Make these changes before winter starts.

Invest in a Smarter Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are the hottest new way to stay cool. Pre-set temperature preferences help you avoid the user errors and choices that inflate energy bills. You can even program a thermostat to lower or raise the temperature when you’re asleep, and during regularly scheduled work shifts. Just don’t forget to harness nature’s heating and cooling powers, too. Remember to open the windows on cool afternoons, and open the blinds to warm rooms with sunshine.

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