5 Ductless Troubleshooting TipsMost ductless heating and cooling systems are designed and manufactured to operate reliably and efficiently without problems arising. However, nothing that relies on mechanics and electronics is completely safe from defects and breakdowns. That’s why it can be helpful as a homeowner to know some ductless troubleshooting tips. First, here’s a brief description of how a ductless heat pump or A/C works.

These systems have three main components: the outside compressor/coil unit, one or more inside air-handling units and a conduit that connects the two. The conduit contains wiring for power, a condensate drain line and a refrigerant line. Each of the air-handling units contains a coil and fan and delivers conditioned air directly to the room where it’s located. With no ductwork, there’s no energy loss or inefficiency from duct leaks, dirty ducts or uninsulated ducts. On the other hand, the individual air handlers allow for independent temperature control in each area where a unit is installed.

Ductless Troubleshooting Tips

If the ductless system is not working at all, try these steps:

  • Look at the digital display to see if a fault code is showing, then check the owner’s manual for instructions on your next step.
  • Check the thermostat if there’s no fault code to make sure it’s set to whatever mode you want, heating or cooling.
  • Inspect the circuit cabinet to make sure a fuse or breaker hasn’t blown or tripped.

If you can hear the ductless system operating but it’s not cooling or heating, try the following:

  • Check the air filter to make sure it’s not clogged. This can impede operation and performance.
  • Look for ice buildup on the inside and outside coils. If this is the case, you’ll probably need a technician to look at your ductless system. He’ll likely check the blower and fan wheel to see that they’re rotating freely, melt ice buildup on the condenser coil and the refrigerant level and recharge it if necessary.

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