5.14.15_145465414_SSCREATIONSYou’re probably still reeling from those utility bills that came with the harsh winter weather. It would be nice to keep your cooling costs down this summer so you can catch your breath, but summers in Ohio are hot and steamy and air conditioning is a must. Nevertheless, there are ways to be comfortable and rein in cooling costs. 

Tips for Lowering Cooling Costs

  1. Ceiling and portable fans use very little electricity and allow you to keep your thermostat down a few degrees while your home’s occupants stay comfortable. Fans stir up a breeze that makes us feel cooler.
  2. Don’t heat up the home with cooking. Use a microwave or grill food outside.
  3. Cover your windows and glass doors with plastic film that lets in light but cuts out solar heat gain.
  4. Make your home’s indoor envelope tighter. Install insulation in the attic on the ceiling floor to prevent heat from the attic from penetrating the living space and conditioned cool air in the home from migrating into the unconditioned attic. Also, seal cracks around windows with caulk and install weatherstripping around doors.
  5. Seal holes in ductwork and reattach loose segments with mastic sealant and foil tape. If your ducts are in an unconditioned space, cover them with insulation.
  6. Install exhaust ventilation in the bathroom and over the kitchen range. Turn it on when you’re showering or cooking. If you can’t install ventilation, open the window a bit to let moisture out.
  7. When old appliances wear out, replace them with energy-efficient models. Look for Energy Star’s yellow label, a sign that the U.S. government has tested and rated the appliance for high efficiency.
  8. Install a programmable thermostat, set a schedule and keep to it. In summer, set the schedule so that the thermostat is higher when you’re asleep or away from home. You’ll realize significant savings that way.

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