Planning to add solar panels to your home is a process that requires significant attention to detail. There are many things to consider along the way, and here are some tips to help you pick out and install the right panels for your home.

Analyzing Your Electricity Load

Your planning should begin with a load analysis, which records your normal electricity needs. Once you have this information, it will help you answer these questions in your planning process:

  • What are your annual energy needs, and how do they fluctuate through the seasons?
  • How many panels do you need? What is the appropriate size, and ultimately how much they will cost you to purchase?
  • What methods can you use to reduce your daily, monthly and annual energy usage?

Understanding Local Codes and Requirements

Homeowners planning to add solar panels to their homes are often amazed at just how many regulations and rules there are surrounding renewable energy sources. Since each state, county and municipality vary in their requirements, it is a good idea to investigate the following before any make any purchase or installation:

  • Check local Building Codes, covenants, easements and ordinances.
  • Determine technology-specific requirements for your proposed system.
  • Get details on how to connect to the power grid.
  • Research all applicable Homeowners Association rules.
  • Research available tax credits and incentives for alternative energy sources.

Placement and Installation

Finally, it will be time to decide where you want to place your new solar panels. Naturally, you’ll want to carefully consider the following aspects when making this decision so that you realize the maximum energy benefit from your new system:

  • Where is the sunniest spot on your property?
  • Will the system be roof-mounted or placed away from the home?
  • If the system is to be roof-mounted, what structural modifications will you need to make to the home?

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