Tankless Water Heater Benefits Answers


Having hot water is a major component of home comfort, so ensuring the water heater is effective and efficient is critical. Is your home’s storage tank water heater old and problematic? It may be time

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Air Filters: Choose the Right One


All air filters are not created equal. Making sure you have the right air filter installed is an easy way to prolong the life of your furnace and increase the air quality in your Cleveland

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Signs of a Dying A/C Unit


It’s easy to know when your every-day objects need to be replaced: your car battery when it dies; your phone when it breaks; milk when it’s two weeks past its expiration date, and it starts

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No matter how efficient your furnace, it can’t keep you comfortable efficiently in the greater Cleveland area’s variable climate without tight ducts. Leak-free ducts provide warmth more efficiently, and they also protect your health and


Variable-Speed Furnace 2


When replacing your home’s heating system, you should take efficiency and comfort into consideration. A variable-speed furnace can considerably improve these two factors. It works differently than a traditional furnace and has several important benefits

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In Northeast Ohio, winterization of your home is crucial not only for comfort and efficiency, but also for your family’s safety. Ensure that all systems are working right, and that you’ve done all you can


Ductwork 4


When faced with the dilemma to clean or replace your air ducts, cleaning may seem to be the better option because it’s cheaper and more convenient. However, certain situations will require you to replace your

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Heat Loss


Heat loss makes your HVAC system work harder than it should to generate the desired level of comfort. By evaluating your home for heat loss and fixing any leaks, you’ll improve your comfort and save

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Can a Dirty Furnace Coil Really Affect Heating?


Furnaces contain several important components, like burners, heat exchangers and pilot lights. But a coil is an air conditioner part, so how can it affect the performance and efficiency of your furnace in the middle of the winter?  

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