The snow has melted, the days are longer, and the birds are out—all signals that it’s spring. But spring can also mean something else for homeowners: springtime home emergencies. Though no one wants to think about it, spring can bring its own repair and maintenance issues.

Springtime home emergencies and how to handle them

  • Leaking roof – You might find out about this once the snow starts to melt. Locate the area of the drip(s) and if possible, use a plastic tarp as a solution. If the roof is slippery or the damage is extensive, call a professional.
  • Basement flooding – Melted snow can also seep in as warm weather approaches. Turn off your electricity but if you cannot, call a professional.
  • Lights out – After a power outage, your home can experience a power surge. Turn items on one at a time, turn your thermostat down and let the electrical system stabilize. Make sure you have a flashlight handy while the power is off.
  • High winds – When high winds occur, take precaution immediately: go to an interior room away from windows. Use pillows or anything soft to protect yourself from debris. Keep windows shut.
  • Electrical storm – A single lightning strike can start a fire and affect computers, lights and your power. During the storm, unplug computers, phones and electronics to keep them safe.
  • Bats in your belfry – Pests, bats and rodents may have camped out in your house during the winter, but they can cause lots of damage. Try to isolate the creature by closing doors and opening windows as their escape route. Don’t chase them out; they may become scared and attack. If needed, call animal control.

If you need advice about springtime home emergencies and repair, let the experts at Stack Heating & Cooling guide you. We have the knowledge and education to provide the best information you can use to protect your home against any sort of issue that can happen.

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