Are you tired of getting out of a warm bed and stepping onto a cold floor first thing in the morning? Perhaps you have some rooms that could use some extra heat, but you’re unsure how to make improvements in an energy efficient manner? A radiant floor heating system may be the perfect solution for you. While it may not be possible to use it as your main heating system due to placement restrictions, it can make an excellent supplemental system that saves you money on overall heating costs.

When planning to install radiant heat, you must first decide if you’ll be replacing your flooring or not. If you are, you’ll be able to use a system that installs directly over your sub floor, which is optimal. If you’re not planning a big renovation, you’ll need access to the joists from your basement or crawlspace for a main floor installation. If you want to bring radiant heat to a second floor, you’ll have to remove flooring or the ceiling under where you plan to add heat.

Under Joist Installation

The easiest retrofit, under joist installation consists of mats designed to fit between the joists of your home. These mats are simply stapled to the underside of your sub floor before insulation is added to force heat upwards. However, this installation may be limited by space, while the insulation properties of your flooring may reduce the amount of heat produced.

Floor Replacement

If you’re replacing your flooring, radiant heat mats can be placed in common walking areas and in rooms that are especially cold. These mats are installed directly on the sub floor and tile, while carpet and wood products are installed over them.

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