How to Size Radiant Floor Heat for Your Cleveland HomeRadiant floor heat is great for areas of the home that don’t retain heat well on their own and could use a little help staying warm, like your kitchen or bathroom. Radiant heating is usually installed under the floor to generate heat from the ground up, but may also be installed in walls and ceilings. In order for your radiant floor heat to warm your home effectively, it needs to be sized and installed properly. Here are a few tips on how to go about completing this task:

  • Research: Learn about the different kinds of radiant heating systems, how effective they are. This will help you get a better handle on which kind is best for your home, so you can be more informed when you call a contractor.
  • Call a contractor: Installing radiant floor heat is not a DIY project, especially since it involves installing something underneath your floor. Find a reliable HVAC contractor with knowledge about installing floor heating, including which systems to use, special considerations for your area and more.
  • Create a floor plan: Which rooms will the floor heating be installed in? Have your contractor draw up a plan of the area, including the dimensions of the room, as well as the location of furniture and any non-mobile fixtures, such as toilets and bathtubs.
  • Size your heater: Your contractor should measure the square footage of each fixture and piece of furniture in your room, add them together and subtract that number from the total square footage of your room. This way, he can get a better idea of how much area you’ll need to heat. Choose your heater size accordingly.
  • Choose your thermostat: The thermostat you use will determine how effectively it heats your room. For some, an ordinary floor thermostat will do, while others may need to measure the temperature outside and the temperature in the floor itself to be effective. Also, be sure to place your thermostat away from any area where it might get splashed with water. Work with your contractor to determine where best to place your floor thermostat.

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