After another tough winter in Northeast Ohio, you’re likely champing at the bit to dive into the cooling season. However, before you get too excited about warmer weather, make sure you take some time to maintain your HVAC system.

If your A/C or heat pump is ready for spring, you’ll reap the benefits of greater energy efficiency and better home comfort. You’ll also have the security of knowing your system has the best chance of making it through the summer without experiencing a breakdown.

Spring HVAC System Maintenance Steps

  • Check the air filter in your forced-air heating and cooling system. For most of us in Northeast Ohio, this means inspecting the furnace filter (which can double as the A/C filter). If it looks dirty, change it, and then make sure you continue checking the filter every month throughout the cooling season.
  • Install a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. This allows you to set energy-saving temperature changes to fit your daily and weekly schedule.
  • Clear leaves, sticks and other yard debris away from your A/C condenser/compressor outside. This allows for smooth airflow through the condensing coils.
  • Schedule a spring tune-up for your HVAC system. While DIY steps are important, a professional maintenance check is highly recommended each spring. A trusted technician will clean and lubricate HVAC components, check refrigerant levels, make sure electrical connections are tight and adjust airflow, among other tasks.
  • Cleaning inside and outside refrigerant coils is an essential part of this process, since dirty coils can impede heat exchange, which is vital for effective cooling. Your technician should also check the condensate pan and drain, as blockages can result in serious water damage on floors, walls and belongings.
  • A comprehensive spring maintenance visit will also include a duct inspection to make sure all duct sections are properly connected and that any leaks are sealed. Insulation should be added to ducts that run through unconditioned areas.

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