We all know the awful, sinking feeling. You come home from a long day at work to find water flowing out of your sink and down the wall. It’s not just an inconvenience; it can be downright dangerous – mold and other bacteria grow in moist environments like this one. You may be tempted to try to fix this yourself to save time and money, but this could create bigger issues. Make sure you avoid problems like these by getting your sink addressed immediately by plumbing professionals. No matter what room it is in, a damaged sink can cause a variety of issues!

Evaluate the DamagePlumber with gloves on dismantling bathroom faucet

Before we do anything, we need to evaluate how badly the sink is broken.

Is there still water coming out of the sink? If it’s just a slow drip, that is probably not your problem, and another issue is causing the leak. If you’ve plugged up the sink above where it’s leaking, turn off the faucet quickly.

If there is no water coming out of the sink, turn off the sink’s shutoff valve below it quickly.  If you have nothing to plug up the sink with, use a cloth or something in case more water comes out until a professional can address it.

When To Repair Versus Replace

Sink repair is best handled by professionals, no matter what the case is. Even if you think your sink repair is a small project, there may be more to the repair than you initially thought. Contact a professional plumber for sink repair to ensure the job is done correctly and properly the first time around. Some potential small problems you might encounter include:

  •         Tighten any loose bolts with a wrench before using your sink again.
  •         Making sure there are no cracks in the sink before using it again.

When to Contact a ProfessionalPlumber working under kitchen sink with tools and equipment out

If you need sink repair, call a professional to assess the damage and let you know what type of problem you are dealing with. Professional plumbers often deal with bigger issues stemming from a DIY sink repair, than if someone were to call professional services initially. If you are ever unsure, hesitant, or cautious about performing any kind of sink repair, it’s best to contact professional services instead.

Sink Advice

Here are some additional tips to help you keep your sink from breaking and needing any additional sink repair. Following these suggestions will keep your sink in the best condition for even longer. 

  •     Don’t let water sit in the sink for very long. This encourages mold growth. If you have a garbage disposal, turn it on every time you use water, so food particles go down the drain instead of sitting in the sink.
  •     Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners very often – they will wear out the rubber seals inside your sink and cause it to fail faster.

Plumbing at Stack

Sinks are used frequently, no matter what room in your home they are in. Encountering a broken sink will not only ruin your day, but potentially lead to bigger issues if ignored for too long.  Stack Plumbing will repair your sink and get it working like brand new! Call a sink repair specialist from Stack at (440) 937-9134 or visit our website today!

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