If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ve probably fallen in love with the beautiful backyards shown on that channel. Depending on the homeowner’s vision, the backyard could serve any number of purposes. It could be a tranquil space to relax and garden or a space intended for socialization, friends, and family. Whatever you use your backyard for, there are plenty of ways to suit it perfectly to your needs. Implementing landscape lighting is a quick, often relatively inexpensive, easy way to create the backyard of your dreams. 

What Types of Landscape Lighting Are There?

There are plenty of types of landscape lighting to choose from! One of the most common types of landscape lighting is pathway lighting. It’s exactly what it sounds like- small lights placed along a pathway to illuminate it, usually so people can walk safely. Deck lights are another safety feature you can install on your porch or deck to guide people safely up a set of stairs or illuminate the edge of a deck so that nobody falls. When you think of landscape lighting, you might think of lights illuminating trees or other features in the yard, or the house itself. These lights are called spotlights, though you could use floodlights or well lights for this purpose as well. 

What Type of Lighting is Best For Me?

The type of lighting that’s best for you and your backyard is going to depend on what kind of vibe you want to curate. Do you want your yard to be a cozy, intimate space to hang out with your friends and family around the fire pit? A place for your kids to play? Do you have features in your yard such as a tree or trellis that you want to highlight? If you have a pond or pool, you may want some lights around- or even in- that water feature. There are submersible lights you can use in ponds and such. So in order to determine what type of lights you need for your backyard, look at what features you want to highlight, what paths need illumination, and what your budget is. Some lights will run you more than others.

Can I Use Landscape Lighting For Security Purposes?

Yes, you can use landscape lighting for security! Floodlights are especially good for this purpose. You can use motion-activated lights to scare away potential intruders. Try to light your entire yard and avoid dark corners, as these are good places for people to hide when they’re up to no good. You can also make sure your address is well-illuminated so that paramedics and police can find you quickly in case of an emergency. 

Can I Install Landscape Lighting By Myself?

The ease of installation depends on what type of lighting you go with. Some types of lighting are solar or battery powered and you can just stick them a few inches into the ground. Others require more effort and possibly burial further in the ground. You might have to deal with wires and cords, and for those types of lights, you might be better off to let a professional install them. 

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