Plants have tons of benefits when you bring them into your home. Some plants bring aroma in, some just look pretty, and there are even a few that can help improve the indoor air quality inside your house. Being a plant-lover can be fulfilling and it can make you healthier, especially with the amount of time people are spending indoors in 2021. 

The Plants You’ll Fall in Love With

Most plants come with benefits, but this article will be focusing on plants that can make the indoor air quality of your house safer and more healthy for your body. 

  • The Peace Lily: Not only is the Peace Lily a beautiful plant, but it has the ability to filter chemicals and other dangerous toxins from entering your body. The Peace Lily is low maintenance and does not require much care, so this is the perfect plant to have in your home to ensure your air quality will improve. Peace Lilies are toxic to humans and pets when ingested, so be extra careful if you have children or animals in your home.
  • The Golden Pothos: The Golden Pothos goes by many names but, regardless of what you call it, it will have the same cleansing effect on the indoor air quality of your home. This plant can remove Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, and Formaldehyde from the air. This is also an easy to maintain plant and can add a beautiful pop of color to any room. The Golden Pothos is perfect for someone who wants quick growth in their home as this plant can grow very quickly! The Golden Pothos is toxic to humans and pets, as well.
  • The Snake Plant: It sounds like it could be a little scary but, no fear, only good things come from this plant! The Snake Plant is one of the easiest plants to take care of and can both aesthetically elevate the look of your home and the air quality. The Snake Plant is an awesome addition to the home of an avid traveler due to how easy it is to take care of. 
  • English Ivy: When ivy is potted, it can be a beautiful, cascading addition to your home that comes with some perks! English Ivy can become a piece of natural art while purifying the air inside your home. 
  • The Spider Plant: Another plant with an odd name, but more benefits than dangers! The Spider Plant is very low-maintenance and is very pretty to look at. Known as a hanging plant, the Spider Plant can filter out Carbon Monoxide and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Plant Care

All plants have different needs and some are much more time consuming than others. Make sure you choose a plant that coincides with your schedule, your desire (or not) for upkeep, and the amount of room that you have in your home. Every person has different desires and finding the plant that is right for you and your home is crucial. Make sure that you buy pots that are large enough for the plants to grow into and that you are repotting and replacing the soil when necessary. 

Which Plant is Best?

Any of the plants listed above would be great options for your home if you want to improve indoor air quality. However, there are many other plants that come with other benefits. Something to consider when choosing what plant is best for your home is the age of the building. Older homes have more airflow, and can allow fresh air to come in more freely, whereas new homes are more air-tight and can keep polluted air inside your home for longer periods of time. 

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