Cleveland HVAC Installation Specialists

Cleveland is full of old buildings with outdated HVAC systems, including a number of area schools, businesses and residential buildings. On sweltering hot summer days or chilly winter ones, this can mean very uncomfortable—potentially even life-threatening—conditions for anyone working, living or studying in these buildings.

The good news is that it is possible to retrofit older buildings with new, highly efficient heating and cooling systems. Even partial HVAC system replacement can mean the difference between functional temperature control or not, making the space in question habitable for whatever work or living conditions may be required. A licensed HVAC installation specialist can help you determine what is possible for a given space.

Retrofitting Can Save Money, Reduce Risk

It is much less expensive to retrofit an older building with a new HVAC system than it is to invest in all-new construction. If the bones of the building are good otherwise, you can save money both on the retrofit option itself and on heating and cooling costs (which may have been exorbitant with an old “energy hog” system). Benefits include:

  • initial cost savings on retrofit vs. new construction
  • property value increase
  • system longevity and reliability
  • improved indoor air quality
  • decreased moisture penetration
  • mold risk reduction
  • improved health and productivity for occupants


Do you know of an old building that could use an HVAC update? Get in touch! Stack Heating, Cooling & Electric has been serving the greater Cleveland area since 1976. We value our customer relationships and look forward to working with you!

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