In the movies, the only dust you see is sparkly fairy dust that comes with all sorts of magic qualities. In your Cleveland or Northeast Ohio home, however, dust is a menace. It creates dust bunnies, requires lots of noisy vacuuming, and may even trigger allergies because it can contain dust mites.

And let’s face it: dust is just nasty stuff. It is made up of spider webs, organic debris such as hair, and even parts of insects. It is definitely not something you want in your home, so how can you get rid of it? There are a few ways to reduce dust in your home:

1) Take a look at your clothes dryer. Your dryer creates lint, so it needs to be vented outdoors and the vent duct should be snugly attached to your dryer so that no lint escapes. Where possible, have a metal vent duct attached to your dryer and have it cleaned annually to avoid clogging.

2) Keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Forced air systems can trap dust and then release it, so make sure to have your ducts cleaned regularly and change your air filters monthly. Seal the filter firmly in place each time in order to reduce dust even more. Make sure that you have the proper HVAC system for your home – one that provides good indoor air quality.

3) Make sure you aren’t letting in dust from the outdoors. The outdoors produces a lot of dust, thanks to pollen and pollution in the air.  Sealing up air leaks and taking your shoes off at the door can help keep dust out.

4) Eliminate dust indoors. No matter how much you try to reduce dust, it will accumulate and you need to clean regularly to get rid of it. Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered vacuum twice a week and clear out clutter regularly

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