Investing in an Air Filtration System Keeps Air Fresh All Season LongAmericans spend a lot of time indoors, and that’s not always a good thing – especially when it comes to breathing easy. Pollutants tend to gather and concentrate inside buildings with little ventilation, which means that indoor air is some of the most polluted air you’ll find. This is why an air filtration system can be such a great benefit for both comfort and good health.

While central HVAC installations contain an air filter, the built-in filter will likely remove less than half of the pollutants circulating through the air. The HVAC air filter is primarily designed to protect the internal components of HVAC systems from dust buildup and obstruction by large objects. To ensure your air stays clean, you should consider a stand-alone air cleaner.

Stand-alone cleaners can be built into your HVAC system to take advantage of ductwork. This means that air circulating through your home will detour into an air filtration system, which – depending on the model – can capture up to 99 percent of the particulate pollution flowing through it. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are so efficient that they can capture airborne viruses, making them the filters of choice for hospitals, airplanes and homeowners with specific respiratory health concerns.

When it comes to indoor air quality, filtration isn’t your only option. You might consider combining air filters with mold- and bacteria-destroying UV lights and with central humidifiers and dehumidifiers to keep indoor humidity balanced. Electrostatic air filtration is also an option for those who dislike dealing with fiber filter media, or it can be combined with traditional fiber filters to offer two kinds of filtration.

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