Insulating different areas of your home is the key to decreasing your utility bills and conserving energy.

There are six important areas of your home that may require your attention:

  • Attic: This is the easiest area of your home to add insulation because it’s easily accessible. Batt and loose-fill insulation are the two most common kinds of insulation used in the attic.
  • Ductwork: Since ducts are made of thin metal, they conduct heat, which leads to changes in air temperature inside the ducts. This is a big concern when ductwork runs through the attic, garage and crawlspace. Insulation can solve this problem.
  • Cathedral ceilings: Insulating the ceiling will allow it to maintain a temperature that is closer to the temperature of the rest of the room.  Thus, the temperature will be more even when compared to other rooms of the home that don’t have cathedral ceilings.
  • Exterior walls: Properly insulated exterior walls can contribute to more efficiency and improved comfort. The corners of walls are the most likely areas to lack proper amounts of insulation.
  • Floors above your unheated garage: Making the effort to insulate the floor will reduce the energy costs of heating or cooling the room above the unheated garage.
  • Foundation: Insulating your basement walls, crawlspace or slab-on-grade floor will provide better moisture control and protect the foundation from damage caused by the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs in northeast Ohio.

If you’re not sure what areas of your home require the most attention, talk to a knowledgeable contractor who can help you make this determination. Also, be sure to ask how insulating is possible in these areas of a finished home so you know what will be involved in the project.  For more information about insulating, contact Stack Heating & Cooling for your greater Cleveland home.

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