Helpful Tips for Controlling Pollutants in Your HomePollution in the greater Cleveland area isn’t just a problem when you’re outside. It’s also important to control pollutants inside your home to protect your health and maintain your comfort.

Get Plenty of Airflow

Simply opening up a few windows for five minutes in the morning will quickly let out built up pollutants and bring in more oxygen. Aim to do this after 10 a.m., however, because the pollen count is lower after that time.

After cooking or taking a shower, use your ventilation fans to remove odors and excess humidity. Don’t run them much longer than 15 minutes, though, or you’ll let in more humidity than you let out.

Modern homes are often tightly air sealed, which improves their energy efficiency, but limits airflow. A recently built or well-sealed home usually requires a whole-house ventilation system to achieve optimal airflow.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your home’s surfaces clean reduces the amount of contaminant particles that can become airborne. Dust with microfiber cloths, which pick up dust rather than redistribute it the way a feather duster does. Vacuum your carpets and soft furniture weekly. Wash bedding weekly in 130-degree water, which is hot enough to kill dust mites.

Check your HVAC air filter monthly and change it when it looks dirty. If you want a filter that improves your air quality rather than just protects your system, choose one with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8 or higher. These control pollutants better and last longer than cheap fiberglass filters.

To further cut down on air contaminants, consider installing a whole-house air cleaner. These are positioned inside your heating and cooling system, allowing them to trap or neutralize contaminants in the passing air. This means all your home’s air is cleaned.

Keep your fuel-burning appliances, such as your gas furnace, running clean by scheduling routine annual inspections. During these inspections, your technician will ensure the appliance isn’t leaking trace amounts of harmful carbon monoxide (CO) gas.

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