Is Regular HVAC Maintenance Worth the Cost?

Whatever the service industry, we’re all used to getting the upsell, right? Does anyone really need an annual warranty on their new blender? Okay that’s a stretch, but you know what we mean. You can’t leave an electronics store today, for example, without them trying to sell you on an annual service you’ll never use.

With that said, there are some regular service tasks that are crucial to the life of particular equipment. Our vehicles are, perhaps, the most obvious example there. If you don’t ever get an oil change or a tune up and you never have your tires checked or rotated, you’re just asking for trouble.

HVAC maintenance falls into the latter category. Most people don’t think of their HVAC systems at all until there’s a problem, but regular maintenance can preserve not only the longevity of your system, but also the health and safety of the people who use it. Benefits include:

  • Preservation of indoor air quality
  • Breathing hazard prevention (i.e. mold, mildew, dust)
  • Optimal system performance, saving you money on heating and cooling bills
  • Improved system operation and longevity

Save money in the long run and gain peace of mind by knowing your HVAC system is performing optimally and protecting those who benefit from it.

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