Control Allergy Causing Pollutants in Your HomeAs we head into winter, you might be thinking that allergy season is finally over, However, many allergens are hiding right inside your home where you spend most of your time during the colder months. Luckily, you can control these allergy causing pollutants with the following tips. 

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gases emitted from many household items and products you use on the daily. You can find them in craft supplies, cleaning products, furniture and more. There are several ways to control pollutants like VOCs:

  • Provide good ventilation by opening windows to clear out VOCs.
  • Always follow manufacturer instructions for using household products, like cleaning supplies.
  • Never mix products unless specifically directed by the manufacturer label. Chemical reactions can release toxic gases.
  • Keep children, pets and those with compromised immune systems clear of areas where products containing VOCs may be used.
  • Only buy what you need. Avoid long-term storage of paints and other chemicals that may continue to release emissions even when not in use.

Stack Heating & Cooling can provide you with customized recommendations to help your family stay safe and healthy this winter. Contact us for more information about how to control allergy inducing pollutants in your Cleveland home, all year-round.

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