Summer is almost here, which means that everyone in the family has an increased risk for heat exposure. When a house gets too hot, it can become a dangerous environment for babies and the elderly — many people die as a result in the United States. This is why it’s important to ensure that you can keep your home cool and perform HVAC maintenance. In this blog post, we discuss the best tips to prepare your HVAC for summer.

Check the FilterMan at computer in summer time with water bottle to head

If you don’t already change your filter regularly, there’s no better time than now to check it. If you’re wondering how often you should be changing your filter, the answer will depend on your situation. Consider if you live in an area where there is a lot of dust, pollution, or pollen and if you live with many pets.

If this is the case, then you may need to change filters every month. If not, then you can wait longer in between changes. However, it is important to regularly change your filters since it protects you and your HVAC system from debris and dust. Moreover, the filter traps airborne pollutants, stopping them from making their way around your home.

Maintain the Compressor and Coil

If you notice any debris, dirt, and leaves around the outdoor unit, be sure to clean them out as much as possible. Furthermore, keep the area around the air conditioning coils and evaporator clean to prevent an accumulation of debris that may damage it.

Be sure to clean the compressor and coils regularly, even if they’re placed indoors — a dirty coil may impact the unit’s efficiency and can raise costs. If you don’t clean the outdoor unit, it places an extra load on the system and may cause it to overheat and shorten its lifespan.

Calibrate the ThermostatWoman inside during summer time in front of fan

Ignoring a broken thermostat may lead to the HVAC system not working the way you intend it to. Your system may have difficulties reading the temperature in your home and may fail to turn on when you need it the most. Having a professional technician to check and repair the thermostat will also be able to ensure that it is well-calibrated.

Clear Out Supply Vents

Just as the air filters can become clogged in the winter, the same can happen to your registers and vents during the summer. Whenever you give your home a thorough clean during spring, be sure to include the supply vents. To remove dust or pet hair from the vents, be sure to vacuum them, even if the house has separate grills for cooling and heating.

Moreover, if you are using a zoned system and have placed covers on unused AC vents for the winter, you can remove them now in time for summer. Finally, spring is a great time to schedule a visit from a professional to do some duct cleaning. This will provide your home with better airflow and increase the quality of the air indoors.

Schedule a System Maintenance for Your HVAC Unit

While there are plenty of things you can do to help prepare your system for the summer, nothing is better than having an expert do a thorough job. A certified HVAC technician will be able to go through the entire system, including electrical connections, levels, wiring, and more. Now is the best time to schedule annual maintenance, so you can be confident that your system will be working optimally for the upcoming season.

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