Before Getting a New HVAC System, Consider These PointsWhen you’re purchasing heating and cooling equipment, it’s best to talk about your options with a trusted HVAC contractor. Bringing up the following points during the discussion can provide peace of mind that you’re getting a new HVAC system that will meet your needs for the next 10 to 15 years.

Important Factors to Think About

  • Lifetime costs Investigate all the potential costs of operating and maintaining the different equipment options over their entire service life. Along with the initial purchase price, consider energy usage, repair costs and preventive maintenance to help you make the best choice.
  • Proper sizing – Make sure your installer accurately sizes the equipment capacity needed to heat or cool your home by performing a detailed load calculation. If sizing isn’t accurate, you’ll lose out on comfort, energy savings and even equipment longevity.
  • Equipment quality – You can expect higher-quality HVAC equipment from a trusted manufacturer to be built more durably, so it’s more reliable. Spending extra up front for equipment that’s less likely to break down and need repair can save you money and inconvenience over the years.
  • Energy efficiency – You’ll see the greatest savings from a new equipment investment by choosing the most energy-efficient option within your budget. You can increase annual energy savings another 15 percent by purchasing Energy Star-rated equipment.
  • Effective controls – Consider all the latest options for comfort controls, such as WiFi thermostats. They not only let you schedule heating and cooling around your routine to maximize energy efficiency, but they also monitor the system and make adjustments remotely.
  • Motor speed – Instead of settling for equipment with a single-speed motor that cycles repeatedly to meet the thermostat’s demands, consider a variable-speed motor. This type of motor can modulate its speed automatically in response to your changing comfort needs, reducing equipment wear and energy consumption.
  • Air quality – If you’re concerned about improving indoor air quality, consider having a compatible whole-house air cleaner installed in conjunction with your new HVAC system.

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