Is It Possible to Extend HVAC System Life?Your HVAC system is made to last for years on it own, and give trouble free service during that time. But even the best systems will eventually wear out, and as they begin to wear, their efficiency and performance will begin to decline. However, by doing some simple and easy maintenance tasks, you can extend HVAC system life, keeping it as efficient and effective as possible throughout it’s entire life span.

  • Change the air filter regularly. Most air filters should be changed every three months and checked monthly. By keeping a clean air filter in your HVAC system, your fan will work easier and that means less wear and tear. And if the fan doesn’t work as hard, it also saves energy dollars, which you’ll notice on your bill each month.
  • Smooth airflow. Another good idea to extend HVAC system life is to always keep your vents open and your grills clean. Open vents allow the air to flow smoothly, and keeping the grills clean does the same. And, once again, smooth flowing air allows the fan to work easier, and that both saves money and prolongs its service life.
  • Keep the discharge pipe clear. Most modern HVAC systems have a PVC discharge pipe, instead of the age old chimney, that exits the side of a home at close to ground level. It is extremely important to keep the pipe free and clear of debris, plant growth and even ice build-up during the winter. A partially blocked discharge pipe puts a lot of stress on the entire system, and it will not only compromise overall performance, but it will also shorten the life of your HVAC system and may lead to expensive repair work.

By practicing these easy to do tasks, you will extend HVAC system life and keep it running as effective and efficient as possible, and you’ll reap the benefits every month on a lower energy bill.

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