It Takes a Village to Cool and Heat Home -- Learn the Parts of Your HVAC SystemThe heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your home consists of separate parts that work together to keep the air inside your home at optimal comfort levels throughout the year. It helps to understand how the parts of your HVAC system work together when you need to troubleshoot problems, or when you want to upgrade your existing HVAC system.

The Parts of Your HVAC System

  • The ventilation system consists of the fans, ductwork and air vents. Proper ventilation is crucial to the effective, and efficient, operation of your HVAC system. Ductwork that is too small will constrict the airflow, while oversized ductwork will lead to the inefficient use of energy. For optimal ventilation, correctly sized ductwork with no leaks, strong fans, clean air filters and unobstructed air vents are required.
  • The heating component of your HVAC system typically consists of a furnace and ductwork. The furnace requires proper sized ductwork, clean air filters, unobstructed air vents and a correctly sized furnace unit to operate effectively and efficiently. Undersized furnaces will not be able to meet the comfort requirements of your home, while oversized units will result in inefficiencies and added costs.
  • The air conditioning system consists of an air conditioner, or a heat pump, and a ductwork system. During peak use the air filter needs to be replaced monthly to ensure the efficient operation of the unit. Properly sized air conditioning units and ductwork are critical to the effective and efficient operation of your HVAC system. Oversized systems will result in the loss of energy while undersized units will not be able to maintain the required comfort levels in your home.

It is important to ensure that the parts of your HVAC system work together effectively and that any replacement parts are compatible with the rest of your HVAC system. Effective and HVAC systems will ensure that optimal comfort levels are maintained.

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