Ready to upgrade your old AC unit and furnace? HVAC systems are common upgrades many homes have installed. They are a combination of air conditioning, a furnace, a duct system, and a thermostat. There are many things to know before purchasing one.    

What Is a HVAC Unit?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC units provide constant heating and cooling to your home or building, as well as a healthy and comfortable living environment. An important thing to keep in mind to have a long-lasting unit and to reduce operating and replacement costs is HVAC maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance and repairing your HVAC system is very important. It reduces the risk of an expensive repair occurring down the road. It also ensures that your HVAC unit is running as efficiently as possible, which can lessen your energy bill. During HVAC maintenance, every component will be inspected. The technician will check circuits, safety controls, all caps and valves, and many more features. Additionally, the electrical components of your unit will be checked. Parts of your unit may be cleaned if needed.

How Your HVAC Unit Works

Now that you know what an HVAC unit is, aren’t you wondering how it works? It is not too complicated. The air conditioner provides cool air and the furnace warms the air. The air ducts distribute the air and the thermostat regulates the temperature. The most important way to have your unit working properly is by regular HVAC maintenance.  

Two HVAC units beside a house in a yard


The furnace in your HVAC system heats the air by using the fuel, either natural gas or oil. It is typically located in basements or attics.

Air Conditioner

Unlike furnaces, AC units are installed on the outside of the home and are powered by electricity. Warm air comes through the unit and is sent outside. The refrigerant cools the air and blows it inside. Air is additionally drawn through filters to improve the air quality. Make sure to replace your filters often to ensure high-quality air. 

Air Ducts

The air ducts are what distribute the warm or cool air around the home. They are typically installed in ceilings or behind walls.


The thermostat controls the temperature and can turn the system on or off. Additionally, it will control any other features your unit is equipped with. 

How the Air Moves Around Your Home

Three systems allow air to be distributed around your home. The first is a forced air system that blows the regulated air through metal ducts. The second is gravity systems which are installed in basements. This system relies on the fact that hot air rises and cold air sinks. Once the cold air reaches the system, it is then heated and begins to rise. Thus, allowing more cold air to sink and heat via the gravity system. Lastly, radiant systems can be installed under floors and heat the room around them. 

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