Humidity levels in your home rise and fall throughout the year as the seasons change and the temperatures warm and cool. High humidity causes problems like mold, mildew and allergy flare-ups. Low humidity also comes with a handful of issues, such as dry skin, bloody noses and cracking wood. It makes sense to monitor the humidity in your home to maintain an optimal level that will keep your family and your home safe and healthy.

Humidify your home during the dry months

Adding moisture into the air during dry, winter months offers many benefits for you and your home. You’ll save on heating bills because when the air is moist your home feels warm and cozy, allowing you to keep the thermostat at reasonable temperatures. You’ll sleep better and contract fewer colds and viruses because viruses tend to thrive in dryer air.

Dehumidify your home during the moist months

As temperatures in Ohio rise during the spring and summer, humidity levels follow suit. Instead of enduring all the hot, sticky weather, do your home a favor with a dehumidifier. A whole-house unit is easy to maintain and adjust as the humidity levels rise and fall throughout the year.

Ensure proper air flow

During those warmer, moister months, make sure you have proper airflow within your home. Open windows in high-moisture areas like the bathroom, basement or kitchen. Allow the fresh breeze to dehumidify your home naturally.

Add moisture the old-fashioned way

Up the moisture levels in your home naturally by placing pots of water near heating sources or cooking on the stove top. Consider hanging your wet clothes on a drying rack instead of employing the dryer.

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