It’s never good news to discover that your humidifier leaks. A leaky humidifier can spell real signs of trouble, from water damage in the home to a costly repair or a system failure. Preventing problems involves scheduling preventive maintenance for the humidifier each and every year, a service that also ensures the system runs efficiently and that your home remains comfortable. When you notice signs of trouble, it’s critical to immediately contact your HVAC contractor for help.

Enlisting the help of an expert is in fact the best thing homeowners can do. DIY fixes often lead to more significant problems and will compromise your investment in the system. Leaks and other whole-house humidifier problems are generally issues that only a reputable expert has the knowledge to diagnose and repair.

Humidifier leaks may be caused by any or all of the following:

  • A blocked water panel – The water panel is designed to filter out sediment and minerals as the water passes through the panel and into the distribution tray. Your service technician should clean or change the panel every year to prevent blockages that cause the humidifier to leak.
  • Problems with the drain – The drainage tube must be free of obstructions and should slope away from the unit and toward the home’s main drain line. Obstructions and improper sloping cause leaks. Your technician can flush the drain or replace it, depending upon its condition.
  • Buildup on the valve – Water sediment can also buildup on the solenoid valve, the component that allows water to flow into the humidifier. If it’s blocked by buildup, it won’t close completely and water will leak out of the unit. Cleaning or replacing the valve will fix the leak.
  • Pressure problems –High operating pressures can lead to humidifier leaks. The technician will test the system’s pressure and make adjustments.

Scheduling annual service for your whole-house humidifier ensures that the drainage system is operational, removes buildup from the water panel and solenoid valve, and keeps the system’s pressure at safe levels. For emergency help when your humidifier leaks, contact Stack Heating & Cooling today! We serve homeowners throughout Northeast Ohio and the greater Cleveland area.

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