A typical forced air furnace has an airflow that moves at one speed only. While this is certainly functional, a furnace that can adjust the airflow, called a variable speed furnace, offers many benefits when it comes to heating your home.

In a variable speed furnace, the fan motor in the unit can move at different speeds. This gives it a great deal of precision and control over the amount of heated air that is sent through your ducts.

Greater Efficiency

In order to reduce your energy bills, you can upgrade to more efficient equipment. This type of furnace is a great example of efficiency because it helps in two ways. The fan motor actually uses less energy than a fixed speed fan, which saves electricity. Secondly, because the control over airflow is so precise, you don’t end up overshooting the desired home temperature and wasting energy, which saves you fuel.


A variable speed unit opens up a great opportunity for you to save even more on your energy bills by implementing a home zoning system. This will allow you to send different amounts of warm air to different parts of your home, so that you don’t waste heat on areas that you rarely use. Combining a zoning system with a smart thermostat can help you maximize your savings.


A benefit that can’t be overlooked is the added comfort that a variable furnace will provide. You can activate the fan setting of your thermostat, which will keep the furnace motor running at a low speed even when your heat is off. This circulates air through your air filter to get rid of harmful micro-organisms. Finally, a variable speed unit will also allow you to have greater control over the humidity in your home. Humidity levels are crucial to not only comfort, but also to indoor air quality.

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