You can select a furnace system that gets top efficiency ratings to save energy, but did you also know that certain technologies, such as a variable-speed blower motor, can also help increase energy savings, and the life of your furnace?

A standard blower motor operates at a single speed, which is generally at 100 percent capacity. This means that when the blower cycles on, it does so at full speed, which is what happens when you hear that familiar whoosh of hot air coming through your home’s air-supply registers. This blast of air is not only loud, but your home comfort doesn’t always require 100 percent capacity, especially on milder winter days. And a blower running at full speed will also wear out more quickly.

A variable-speed blower motor operates at multiple speeds, allowing it to respond to climate demands on a minute-by-minute basis. So, when temperatures outside require heating but it’s not yet frigid, the blower motor can respond at 50 percent capacity, for instance. And when a blower is able to run at lower speeds for longer periods of time, you reap several benefits:

  • It consumes less energy, with some units using electricity up to two-thirds more efficiently.
  • You get optimal heating comfort, because the indoor temperature remains consistent.
  • It’s less noisy, because the fan starts out operating at lower speeds, and then gradually ramps up to higher speeds if necessary.
  • Indoor air quality is enhanced because air is circulated continuously, instead of in intermittent blasts.

One of the more significant benefits of a variable-speed blower motor is that it will extend your furnace’s life span. Think about it: if you were to leave a light bulb on continuously, it will wear out sooner than if you used it with a dimmer. That’s how a variable-speed system works. By operating at lower speeds a portion of the time, the system’s components will last longer and you’ll get more payback on your furnace investment.

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