Winter means walking around on cold floors, fiddling with the thermostat, and avoiding all the cold spots in your home. Radiant floor heating can help solve these problems, and there are many more benefits too.


We all want to keep our families safe and healthy. Radiant floor heating can help reduce some of the common issues you may face in your home.

Fewer Allergens

Forced-air heating systems, the vent and air duct systems found in most homes, spread allergens throughout your home. Dust, pollen, and mold collect in air ducts, then get stirred up and blown out every time the system is turned on.

Radiant floor heating systems don’t stir up the air and don’t collect allergens, which can keep the air in your home clean, healthy, and can prevent winter allergies.

Child Friendly

Radiators can be scorching to the touch and cause burns when in use and they are solid chunks of metal that sit in your home year-round, posing an injury risk to small children. Radiant floors are just floors – they’re never dangerously warm and they’re no more of a potential hazard than any other floor.

Underfloor heating installation with tiles pulled up

Comfort & Convenience

Home is supposed to be a comfortable refuge from the stressors of work and the outside world, but a poorly heated house can be irritating. Radiant heating heats your home more evenly and comfortably.

Even Heat

Warm air rises. When that warm air rises from vents, it never makes it to ground level. It gathers near the ceiling and leaves your floors and couches cold. Radiant floor heating systems, on the other hand, heat your home from the ground up. The room is heated evenly, floor to ceiling, leaving no cold spots.

Consistent Heat

Forced-air systems start and stop, which causes your home to warm up and cool off intermittently. Radiant flooring stays on consistently so there are no cool-off times.

Less Dry Air

Most home heating systems work by heating up the air in a way that leaves the air dry. Dry air is uncomfortable, dries out your skin, and can even cause damage to wood surfaces and leather upholstery in the long term.

Radiant floor heating warms your home, not the air inside of it. The air doesn’t become dry, which keeps your home comfortable.


Because radiant floors are just floors – the hardware being hidden completely – there are fewer eyesores to design around in your home. You don’t need to worry about blocking vents or putting furniture too close to radiators. You have complete control over the design and decoration of your rooms.


Radiant floor heating systems are silent compared to other heating systems – there are no sounds from furnace fans turning on and off every few minutes and no clanging pipe noises coming from the radiators. Just peace and quiet.

Low Cost

Radiant floor heating systems are more cost-effective than other types of heating. Unlike radiators, which need to be very hot in order to heat a room, radiant heat can be set at a lower temperature to bring the same amount of heat into a room. Heating something to a lower temperature requires less energy, which lowers your utility bills.

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