Radiant heating systems provide heat to the floor or to panels installed into the wall or ceiling of your home. These heating systems rely on the delivery of heat from a heated surface to the room via radiation. A good example of radiant heating is when you turn your stove on. The heat from the stovetop and the oven can be felt from across the room because it is radiating from these surfaces to you.

Radiant systems are more energy efficient than baseboard or forced-air systems because no energy is lost through ducts. This also makes it less expensive to use. Hydronic systems, for example, are liquid-based, and so they use less electricity than other heating systems. This type of heat system can also be powered by gas, oil, water and solar power.

When hot air blows out of registers in a forced-air system, it rises to the top of the room, where it rapidly loses heat energy, and then drops down as it cools. This causes the room to be heated unevenly. When the system cycles off, you immediately feel a chill in the room because the hot air is above you. This jarring variation in temperature doesn’t happen with radiant heating. In a radiant system, the temperature reaches a maximum of 85 degrees, and the heated air rises evenly from the entire floor, which ensures that the coolest air is always up at the ceiling.

When looking at radiant heating packages you have three options:

  • Air
  • Electric
  • Hydronic

With radiant floor systems, hydronic is often the most cost- and energy-efficient of each type. Hydronic systems are not as common as electric systems for wall and ceiling systems in residential applications because of the possibility of leaks from the tubing.

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