Dual-fuel heat pumps, when set up correctly, are great for colder areas like northeast Ohio. Heat pumps replace your air conditioner and lower your utility bills for both heating and cooling all year round. To find out if this kind of system is ideal for your situation, see how the numbers add up.

Here are the factors to ask a contractor about:

  • Complete a heating and cooling load analysis: Ask your technician to show you the calculations that determine the heating and cooling load of your current furnace. Odds are it wasn’t sized right from the start. Even if it was, home additions or energy-saving improvements over the years could have changed your HVAC needs.
  • Compare efficiency ratings: An apples-to-apples comparison is possible if you find out the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) of your current heating and cooling systems as well as the dual-fuel system you are considering installing. The higher these numbers are, the more energy efficient they are.
  • Conduct a comparative cost analysis: Knowing your heating and cooling needs as well as the efficiency differences of a traditional furnace and air conditioner versus a dual-fuel heat pump won’t be enough. You must also take different fuel sources into account. Many times, electricity will be more costly than natural gas, meaning your investment in a dual-fuel system will take longer to pay for itself. Ask a contractor to do a cost analysis to find out how much you can really save and what the potential payback will be.
  • Comprehend compatibility issues: While a dual-fuel heat pump will simply replace your air conditioner, it must be compatible with your furnace. If this piece of equipment is a decade old, it might not work with a switch-hitting system. That means you should prepare for a furnace upgrade as well as an air conditioner substitute.

Seeing how these numbers add up will reveal if a dual-fuel system is right for you. For more information, and to find the answers to all your questions, contact the HVAC experts at Stack Heating & Cooling.

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