How Can You Tell If Your HVAC System's About To Give Out? Look For These SignsInstead of squeezing every last drop of life out of your HVAC system – and before it breaks down completely – homeowners can look for signs of deterioration before a system failure occurs. And this is actually a wise move: By upgrading before your HVAC system reaches the point where it’s operating inefficiently and can’t maintain home comfort, you avoid wasting money on a system that isn’t getting the job done.

Knowing when your furnace system has started a decline in performance is crucial. Here are a few primary criteria to watch for:

  • Age: A system that’s nearing or is beyond 10 years of age is probably operating well, particularly if you’ve kept it in good shape with regular maintenance. However, newer systems are now designed to reach near-perfect efficiency. By investing in a high-efficiency system, you’ll gain significant energy savings, which will help to pay off the investment in just a few years.
  • Life span: Most furnaces are manufactured to last about 15 years. This is determined by a specific amount of heating hours that a system can consistently and efficiently provide heating. For homeowners who live in colder areas, like Ohio, this life span might be a little shorter because we use our furnaces a lot, compared to, for instance, a South Carolina homeowner.
  • High energy bills: If you’ve noticed a slow but steady increase in energy bills, that’s definitely a sign that your furnace isn’t operating efficiently. A repair might help, but replacing the unit could be a better way to invest that money.
  • Comfort: A change in how comfortable your home is could also be an indication that your furnace needs replaced.

Get ahead of the game by using these clues to assess the condition of your HVAC system, and have it replaced. Avoid wasted dollars spent on fueling an older, inefficient system, and invest that money in a new, high-efficiency system that can keep you and your family comfortable, while maximizing efficiency.

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