Having a high-efficiency furnace can keep your house warm during the cold Ohio winters while using less energy. The savings on energy can grow even larger when comparing a high-efficiency unit to older model furnaces. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, consider replacing your furnace. Older models often lack the energy-saving features that newer models have. 

A high-efficiency unit utilizes at least 90 percent of the fuel that it burns, and with the rising cost of energy, finding ways to saving money is a good idea.

So what exactly should you look for in a high-efficiency furnace? There are a number of things that make a furnace run more efficiently. Here are some of the components that make high-efficiency furnaces better than their conventional counterparts.

  • A second heat exchanger: Having a second heat exchanger allows the furnace to recapture and use heat from exhaust gasses, reducing the amount of energy wasted by a furnace.
  • Variable-speed fan: With a conventional furnace, the fan operates at one speed setting. The fan will come on and blow for a few minutes at full speed before shutting off. A variable-speed fan operates at a varying speeds to meet the demands of the system. Some units control the fan speed and the heat output from the furnace.
  • Sealed combustion: Sealed combustion systems bring their air from the outside. Cooler air is better for combustion than heated air. An unsealed combustion system draws on the inside air that’s already heated for the air it needs for combustion.
  • Two-stage gas valve: A two-stage gas valve will quickly heat the furnace, then reduce the flow of gas to the furnace. This helps reduce the fuel usage of the furnace.

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