Use These Heating Tips in Your Ohio HomeIt might feel like summer is still in full swing or like you’re still waiting on those bathing suits to dry, but believe it or not, the cold fall and winter weather is just around the corner. For most people, that’s going to mean turning on the heat sooner rather than later. If you want to reduce your heat usage this cold season and save yourself some money in the process, make sure you employ these heating tips in your home. You’ll also help keep your home and family safe.

  • Have your furnace inspected before you turn it on for the first time. A cracked furnace can be a fire hazard, but one with any damage can simply perform poorly, costing you more money.
  • Change your furnace filters regularly. Your furnace will be more efficient with a clean filter and will be less of a fire hazard. Check your owner’s manual or ask the person who inspected your furnace how often you should be changing the filter.
  • Make sure you clean heat vents, radiators and registers before you turn them on for the first time in the fall. You might be surprised at how dirty and dusty they can get, even if you keep a clean home. That dust and dirt is a fire hazard and will reduce your indoor air quality.
  • Have a heating system tune-up before the start of the cold season. Having an expert look at your heating system before you turn it on can help you identify small problems before they become big ones. A tune-up can also help your heating system perform more efficiently and in a safer manner.
  • Use portable heaters to reduce heating costs if you don’t use large portions of your home each day. Just make sure you turn them off when you go to bed or leave a room. Portable heaters are a top winter fire hazard.

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