Now that heating season is nearing an end, there’s a good chance your old heating system may just get you through until warm weather takes hold. Then it will be time to consider your replacement options.

During the heating season, HVAC contractors are extra busy, and new heating units are in higher demand. Therefore, prices are usually higher. When the weather is warmer, demand is down and manufacturers are more likely to offer better deals. Contractors need not be in a hurry after heating season is over, and installation costs are more apt to be lower.

As you shop for a new heating system, here are some options to consider:

  • Furnace: Many gas furnaces have an efficiency rating of 95 percent. Although the costs may be higher for an initial purchase, the savings will offset the costs in only a few seasons.
  • Heat pump: New heat pumps are more efficient than ever. They also give year round comfort with both heating and cooling.
  • Dual-fuel: Combining a furnace with a heat pump will take care of heating needs in both moderate and severe winter temperatures. The heat pump will also cover summer cooling needs.
  • Geothermal: Although installation costs are higher, geothermal systems are very popular. The energy savings will carry you far into the future with low-cost, reliable heating.

Take time to determine fuel costs, savings, longevity, service costs and what fits your situation best. Negotiate a price with a reliable contractor and move forward.

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